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The Nu Chapter of Kappa Psi Kappa Fraternity, Inc was originally founded in the Summer of 2002 by Bro. Adrain Padmore. After many years of laying dormant, Nu (then, a Colony) was  successfully rechartered on June 15, 2011 by two enthusiastic Brothers, Unique Wilson and Jamel Smith, both originally from Roosevelt, New York. 


These two visionary men began laying the foundation for the colony by bringing the work of Kappa Psi Kappa Fraternity, Inc. to New York City and the surrounding communities. They chose the word "Noble" to reflect the true meaning of the Nu Colony's service, exhibiting: Honor, Dignity and a Pure Heart.


The Noble Nu Colony would go on to successfully achieve Chapter status on May 8, 2013. 


Since its conception, the Noble Nu Chapter of Kappa Psi Kappa Fraternity, Inc has fulfilled the requirements of service and dedication set forth by its illustrious Founding Fathers using the four Guiding Principles of Brotherhood, Scholarship, Service and Leadership.


Through the P.U.R.I.F.Y. Initiative the chapter has become a renowned presence in New York City and the neighboring communities offering service to many charitable organizations such as:


  • New York Cares

  • St. Jude

  • Long island Crisis Center

  • Helping Hands of the Disabled (HHDNYC)

  • March of Dimes

  • Stand Up For Kids

  • St. Lukes in the Fields LGBT Safe Haven

  • Roosevelt Community Revitalization Group and the INN servicing Hungry and Homeless Long Islanders.


The chapter has been dedicated to achieving excellence of the highest caliber and staying true to our beloved fraternity's mission.


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